Setup IPTV On MAG 250/254/256 Device

This Method is using the Portal from Smart IPTV

1- Add this portal address to your Mag device Portal 1 URL:

2- Add this NTP Server address to your Mag device NTP Server URL:

Here is full list of NTP servers You can use.

3- Now Reload your portal on Mag device then you can see your MAC ADDRESS

4- After you did the previous steps, Go to this address:

5- Add your MAC ADDRESS on mac address field, Add your M3U URL (Witch we have sent you) on link field, Check box SAVE ONLINE and Click on ADD LINK

6- DONE! Reload your portal on MAG device and you can see your CHANNELS LIST

###ImportantChange the M3U playlist URL Ending Format (Output) from “ts” to “m3u8

for example: 

If you are using “ts” – you will have a big laggy Problem!!!

Video Tutorial

All Packages Work With Smarters IPTV App For All Device